A Sunday Program, November 05

The weekly programs of SCS Mission, Salt Lake City, are held every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. This past Sunday the devotees came together to observe Srila Narottama Das Thakur’s disappearance day.


Damayanti didi brought a huge squash from her own garden.



Rai Kishori didi: “Today I’m making two subjies: one potato, and one … emm… haha, I don’t know yet!”


All the curd was made from raw organic milk that was donated to the temple by one sweet lady. She has two cows, one of which just gave birth to a calf and is producing extra milk. This time we got about 17 gallons and all of the fridges now are stacked with curd cheese.



Kishori didi is frying spices.


Meanwhile, the devotees are singing the Kartika month bhajans.



A beautiful Tulasi Devi forest, which was planted by Srilekha didi (on accident!). She expected only one or two plants to sprout, but by the Lord’s will, dozens of Tulasi trees are now growing in the temple.



Prema Dhama Deva Stotram, verses 11-20 today!


Sri Sri Guru Gaurachandra-jiu ki-jay!


Nrsingha Chaitanya Prabhu, Damayanti DD, Jahnava DD, a big bowl of cookies, and a gigantic cake.


Nitai baked a special BIG cookie for Sudarshan Prabhu.


Janamejaya – the little Prince.


Rai Kishori didi and little Anjali


Devotees taking prasadam.