The Festival is Going on!

The festival is going on at full-speed! The inauguration of the Lord is tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the last few days.


The devotees coming to greet Srila B.P. Janardan Maharaj and Sripad B.C. Parvat Maharaj at the SLC airport.

Indulekha Devi Dasi is ready to film.

Vishakha and Tanu Sri are waiting…

So is Sundar Syama Prabhu, a Chinese devotee.

And finally, Srila Janardan Maharaj and Sripad Parvat Maharaj gloriously descend to Salt Lake City.

Divyashakti DD

Syama Sundar Prabhu. Search for the video online!

Srila Ashram Maharaj also came to the airport.

The presence of the Vaishnava saints and their devoted servitors has transformed the SLC airport into a place of pilgrimage.

The sanyasis are taking afternoon prasadam in the backyard of SCS Mission. We happily declare that Srila Janardan Maharaj was very satisfied with the prasadam.

Jay Srila B. P. Janardan Maharaj ki-jay!
Jay Srila B. K. Ashram Maharaj ki-jay!
Jay Sripad B.C. Parvat maharaj ki-jay!
Jay Srila B. N. Acharya maharaj ki-jay!
Gaura Premanade! Haribol!


Laksmi Priya DD is making her famous garlands for the Lord and His devotees.

Kishori DD and Rai Kishori DD

Haridas Prabhu

Maha Prasad ki-jay!

It looks like Kamala Sundari DD is quite hungry for prasadam! Perhaps she is just saving a plate for her husband, Haridas Prabhu.

Krishna Mohini DD

Bhakta Shad, our friend and yoga instructor who is always ready to help the devotees.

The happy cooks.

Braja Mohini DD came from California, and immediately dived into service.

Bhakta Shad, Kesavananda Prabhu, and Bimal Krishna Prabhu serving out the Lord’s amazing prasadam – the real cure for hrd-rogam, the “heart disease”.

Damayanti DD, Istadevika DD and other wonderful ladies, although not seen on these picture, are taking great care of the children during the festival.