Preparation for the Inauguration Festival part 2

Only a few days are left until Sri Sri Guru Gaurachandra’s Inauguration festival! The devotees are working like bees in a beehive, and by the mercy of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, everything is going more or less smooth. Jay Sri Sri Guru Gaurachandra ki-jay!

The Kitchen Crew headed by Asha Purna DD and Rai Kishori DD are preparing amazing foodstuffs for the Lord every day.

Kesavananda Prabhu also proves to be useful : )


Little Vishakha is serving Vrinda Devi DD an auspicious Ekadasi cookie.



The most stressed Media Crew leader Krishnananda Prabhu is contemplating the best way of recording the festival.

Fortunately, Lila Sundari DD is always ready to help.


Sita, Vishakha, Tanu Sri, and Vinodini are helping Bimal Krishna Prabhu build the frame for a big Mahamantra sign in preparation for Sankirttan.


Nandini and Haridas Prabhu are sanding the benches.


Damayanti DD and Ista Devika DD


Next morning. Nitai Sundar Prabhu: “So much to paint… so little time…”

Fortunately, he is not alone! Jaya Sri DD and Asha Pruna DD are right on time.

The best artists are working on Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Mission’s tables.


Syama Sundar Prabhu is finishing the wonderful altar.


Laksmi Priya DD is always at service.


Wonderful Dipti is sewing the flags. Dipti and her husband Pranav discovered our ashram only a few months ago. Ever since, they have been dear members of the community, helping in every possible way.